Lagoonia - a Sims like game from InnoGames

I got about a week ago an email from InnoGames about a new game they just released: Lagoonia. I talked about InnoGames in previous posts: they're the guys that made The West, Tribal Wars and Grepolis.

It's been a week now since I've been playing Lagoonia and I can't help compare it to EA Games' Sims. I haven't played Sims in a while and I can't say I was a great fan when I did play it, but the two games are very similar. Lagoonia of course is played online, in a browser.

The story of Lagoonia

But let's talk about it a little. At first you are starting out with one player or character, stranded on a deserted island after the plane you were in crashed. You are, from what you can tell, the sole survivor and you need to make everything in your power to make life better for yourself.

You start collecting different items from around the island and from the wreck of the plane, you build a fire, a stack of woods and a hammock. You find a box with chocolate bars and instant coffee that give you some extra energy. And that's how you get by for the first 5-10 minutes of the game.

The plot thickens

You find a bottle with a message inside in the lagoon. After reading the message you realize that there were other survivors of the plane crash. You start building more things that will help you get by and make your life easier. As time passes you consider the chance that you could somehow get together with the other survivors.

After reading a new message from another bottle, you find out the that a survivor stranded on a small island close to yours is going to try to swim to yours, but he/she needs some sort of a heading. So you light a beacon (constructed by you) and then have a companion.

The mechanism of the game

In Lagoonia the game is mainly base on actions you take. You can perform certain actions as long as you have the necessary energy to spend. Energy can be received from different buildings you already have or you will construct.

You start off at level 1 and as time passes and you perform more actions and fulfill the tasks the game sets for you, you gain experience and reach higher levels. Upon reaching a new level you can research and build new structures. These will open up new possibilities, and so on.

I'm not sure how much importance this has, but Lagoonia also introduces a "relationship" function that takes care of the social relationship between your survivors. Later on you will notice that babies will start coming along (from a stork's nest of course).

The items needed for different buildings can be obtained either by searching the island or by making them using the different buildings you have. Some items can be planted, others need to be manufactured from other raw materials. The further you advance in level, newer and more complex items and buildings will appear.

Also, as your level increases, you can explore new sections of your island and find newer and more interesting items around it.

Some tips and tricks

In Lagoonia some buildings can be moved, others can not. In the beginning your fists building will be a small campfire and it can not be moved. You can build 3 of these and you should because they provide you with energy. Make sure you build all three very close to each other so that you won't have to build more than one of the structures that provide them with a bonus in energy: stack of wood (29%) and hammock(14%).

You will begin with a bonus of 200 pearls (the premium currency in Lagoonia - you can get energy, resources and time reductions with pearls). Even if it is tempting to use them to perform certain actions faster, don't. You will receive a task later in the game where you need to spend 200 pearls and those are perfect.

This is my little info on the game Lagoonia from InnoGames. I hope you find it useful and you enjoy the game. If it's anything as complex as the Sims series, I'm sure Lagoonia will become a very addictive occupation.