Something to fill a gap

Yet again after a long pause, I return to my Yoboo. For no particular reason, I decided to trow another useless post on the web. Just to pass the time. It's been a while since I've written something other than code. That probably one of the reasons I've ignored this blog for so long. And now, at the dawn of a new year, I promise myself yet again that "I shall not let it die". Yeah right!

It's been so long since I used Blogger's editing interface that I get a little confused at the way it does things. I see it still doesn't format the text right, the one thing that always got me frustrated. In Compose mode, hitting Return/Enter should create a new paragraph, not putting me on a new line. Every word processor does that. It's the natural way of things. That's why I'm always forced to use the Edit HTML mode. I have a lot more control over the layout. But formating it in HTML and switching to Compose messes thing up again. But here I go again, blaming Blogger for the way they do things. I'll probably just find another way to make my life easier. Probably using a Greasemonkey script would do the job. I'll look into that some other time.

What have I been doing in the meantime? Nothing much really. Work, home, work and so on, with a little short vacation for the holidays that ended, too abruptly I might say, this Monday. Awful way to start the year. Anything else? I've completely stopped using Windows at home, that's one of my great achievement. I'm now using Ubuntu on my home computer. I found a replacement or a Linux version for most of my commonly used applications. And it runs a lot smoother. There still are a few things that I miss from Windows, but I get by.

I'm playing Erepublik for a few months now. And I'm starting to get bored with it. Monotony I guess. And that pretty much raps things up. Nothing interesting to report. I came with a few ideas to write about since my last post, but I didn't have the time and now I forgot all of them. I think I'll use one of writing ideas lists you can find on the Internet. The kind where you pick a line and start writing and improving on that without a specific purpose. And that's all I guess.