My first post (instead of "Welcome!")

Firstly I would like to mention that English is not my native language. That's why there's a high probability I will make mistakes. Mainly grammatical. I hereby apologize for any of them.

OK. Let's begin. You probably already noticed, my name is Stelian Andrei Adumitroaei. My last name is a little bit strange, and that's why people tend to bend it a little bit. But I don't believe that really matters.

Let me tell you a few things about me .I was born in 1984, April 19, in Iasi, Romania. That means I'm 23 years old. I went to kindergarten, school then high school and finally college.

And that's all for my studies. I now work as a web designer, but I don't have that much activity. That's one of the reasons I started to write this blog.

As passions or hobbies, the first thing would probably be graphics. Any kind of well made graphics: paintings, computer generated, 3D render, graffiti, architectural drawing or even concrete drawings. Mainly anything that involves the creation of a graphical object. Another hobby would be programming. But I haven't had the chance to practice it lately. I know I loved it in my first few years of college. Now the only things I do that are even a little bit close to programming are the scripts used at online forms processing. And even those follow a specific pattern.

Well, I guess that's all. What do I want to accomplish and what you can expect from this blog? Even I don't know. As I said, it was created because I had some spare time, so I don't have a goal set. I don't have anything special to share with the world.

See you later.