Tori's Eye - great jQuery app

Every once in a while I remain amazed at the wonderful things people can come up with. These are the things that make me realize that there are so many things out there to learn ( or to get "inspired" from).

A few days ago I bookmarked this website: Tori's Eye because I remained truly fascinated at the way it operates, even without going into it's deeper workings. What it does is it monitors Twitter for a certain hashtag or keyword and it displays all tweets related to that specific tag as flying birds.

I came across it via in one of the list posts displaying some original uses for jQuery. I immediately fell in love with it. This just shows that great web animation is not reserved for "in-house" environments as Flash or SilverLight and others like it (are there any others?)

I posted it here because this is one of those things that I really like and I would like to share with everyone, even if they don't recognize the genius behind it's inner workings.