CodeIgniter resources/checklist thingy

This is a list of resources for CodeIgniter that I've put together mainly because I find myself way too often searching the web for something in particular to use when I start a new project in CodeIgniter and I need to set up some default configuration options. And I almost always end up on the same pages. You could consider this a list of bookmarks of checklist, because that's what it basically is. I hope someone else can find it useful and if you think there are more things that need to be added to the list, just leave a comment below with a link to the page where to find it.

The list will be sorted in a few basic categories so they are easier to navigate.

Configuring the framework - initial steps

mod_rewrite for CodeIgniter - directly from the official wiki this tutorial shows how to rewrite the URLs on Apache servers with mod_rewrite enabled. This is a great way of creating user friendly URLs by removing the index.php from the address/link and includes a detailed explanation of how it works. It's worth setting this up from the very start.

Encription key generator - there are many random string generators on the web, but I almost always use this one because it allows you to select both the length of the generated string (32 characters is recommended for CodeIgniter) and the type of characters used in the string

Managing multiple applications - even if you don't plan to set up multiple applications it is good practice to move the "application" folder out of the default CodeIgniter "system" folder. This also allows you to update the framework easier if you need to by replacing only the system folder, but also have several applications using the same "system" folder. This however will become obsolete with CodeIgniter 2.0 because the "application" folder is moved outside by default.

Configuring the work environment

Autocomplete for Netbeans - I personally prefer Netbeans over Eclipse when writing PHP code. But one frustrating thing is the lack of autocomplete. This page describes the process of enabling autocomplete for CodeIgniter in Netbeans for all the CodeIgniter system libraries, helper functions, but you can also add your own libraries and models.

CodeIgniter Quick Reference Cheatsheet - not really fits in the configuring stage, but it is related to the work environment and a handy thing to have around. It saves a lot of time from alt-tabbing and searching the User Guide. There are several cheat sheets on the web and you can pick any one of them, but be sure to use one close, if not exactly made for the CodeIgniter version you're using, as several functions have been deprecated or renamed over time and even more have been added.

CodeIgniter Tutorials

The CodeIgniter User Guide - your number one place to go before asking a dumb question on the forums. You get a copy of this when you download your copy of CodeIgniter so it's good manners to refer to that one instead of using the online copy.

The official intro videos - these will give you a quick insight of what CodeIgniter can do but too bad that there are only two of them

Derek Allard's AJAX tutorial - I found this very useful and easy to follow. It does help the fact that Derek Allard is Technology Architect at EllisLab, the company behind CodeIgniter. On top of that the tutorial can have a lot of applications AS-IS in your own projects.

The CodeIgniter tutorial list - many CodeIgniter tutorials gathered from all over the internet. A pretty long list of great resources.

CodeIgniter Directory - a growing directory of resources (helpers, libraries) and tutorials

Codeigniter resources - helpers, libraries

Code - Elliot Haughin - a page of several great libraries and ports for some of the most popular social platforms right now. If you plan to develop a social networking application, it's worth taking a look at this page. Unfortunately Elliot also had a few great screen casts on his website which are no longer available.

CodeIgniter Directory - I repeat the CodeIgniter Directory because it easily fits into this category also. It is a great place to start when you need something specific.

Again, I will update the list if I think of anything else or if anyone throws me a link to a specific resource worth adding.