Now that got me really mad !

Wandering from stumble to stumble (StumbleUpon, that is) I've just read an article published a few days ago in Times Online here. The fact that this article is 100% accurate doesn't bother me. I know first hand what Romanians are capable of. I mean, I'm one of them. What really bothered me was a comment left by Graham from Loughborough, England. Labeling an entire nation as "Nazis or gypsies" based on the bad deeds of a small percentage of them is utterly stupid in my opinion. The fact that only the bad things about people makes it to the head lines of the papers doesn't help. It' doesn't tell you anything about a nation. It just points out bad actions of individuals. If we would generalize in that manner, we could simply say the following:

  • all Americans are trigger happy and war fanatics
  • all Iraqis are terrorists
  • all Britons are arrogant
  • all German are Nazis
  • all Russians are communists

And the list can go on for every nation of the world. I don't mean any offense, I'm just trying to make a point of what preconceptions may lead to. And another thing, stating that Romanians are gypsies is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Romania itself has a gypsy problem, or to be more ethnically correct, a Rrom problem. I'm talking here of the Rrom population that has been granted Romanian citizenship. That doesn't mean they're Romanians, they hardly follow Romanian laws and they're the major cause of crime related problems that the world heard about. I'm not saying Romanians are saints, just look at it this way: if you ignore all the crimes where Romanian citizenship Rroms were the cause, then you would have never heard of the Romanian crime rate. It wouldn't be close to 0, but it wouldn't be that high.

And one last thing. Again, I'm not saying that Romanians are innocent. For what I know, it's possible that they're the ones scamming people on eBay or who knows where else. But who is stupid enough to buy the town hall, a MIG (that's a fighter plane, for those that don't know) or a helicopter for that matter(an older story, also a Romanian involved, also on eBay) on an online market place? I mean, come on people, what the hell are you thinking?


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