Following the big boy's steps

You've probably all seen the famous John Chow AdWords campaign "Your Blog's a Money Maker: Do you have a blog? I'll show you how to make money from it 100% free". I know I've seen it so many times I'm sick of it. It's true there's something catchy about it. I mean, who wouldn't dream of quiting their 9 to 5 job and make and income from the comfort of their own home?

John Chow is really one of the big rollers in the business of making money online. His web page has formed a real community around it. And I don't think that there is someone out there, that tries to make money from a blog or web page, that is not subscriber to his feed, either by email or RSS. As one of the "big boys", he has a lot of people that try to mimic or to use the things found on his blog. One of these actions is the subject of this post. As I said, you probably know the campaign. Today I've come across something very similar. I fact it's exactly the same thing. Here's a screenshot I took right here on The Yoboo just a few minutes ago:

Notice anything strange? I wonder if you can have a copyright on AdWords campaigns? Oh well, I decided to go to that web site (I didn't click the ad as that would have been against AdSense rules) and see what it's all about. And yes, as I expected it's another money making tips web site. I didn't have the chance to browse through it as I absolutely had to come back and tell you about it. And about something else that I found truly hilarious. This is a screenshot of the homepage:

That's pretty funny, isn't it?. Anyway, no harm intended.


inspirationbit said...

that is ironically funny - good catch.
John Chow's blog was one of the first ones I subscribed to over a year ago. And I have to admit that I've learned a few useful things about blogging from him. But once he started talking about money and nothing else but money, and had more paid reviews than posts, I unsubscribed, and never check his blog anymore.

Stelian Andrei said...

Thanks for dropping by! It's true, John Chow's blog is not what it used to be. I guess people still hang around there because of the brand that's been created around it. And it's not only money he talks about. There are those fabulous and educational posts about food :)

These days I guess the most interesting posts I've seen there are the occasional guest posts.

inspirationbit said...

oh, yeah - how could I forget about the restaurants he visits, where he spends his hard-earned blogging money.

Once I compared him to Paris Hilton, I think that's what explains his popularity - he's famous for being famous and he's making a living out of it.

trench said...

I personally think it looks tacky.

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