Microsoft won't buy Yahoo...

... Google will buy Microsoft. And that's that!

The latest rumors that are going around are starting to get out of hand. Everyone is a investments expert all of a sudden. People are making predictions about this and that, about the impact this purchase will have on we poor end users. The market will be dominated by Microsoft. Boy oh boy, what will we do? The answer is simple: nothing. We'll just go on with our lives the same may we always have. Who still uses Yahoo! anyway? I know I've given up on their mail service a long time ago. Yahoo! News are more on the media-MTV side as far as I'm concerned. If Microsoft would buy Yahoo then two of the major instant messaging clients would have to be merged together and that can only be good news for the users.

Sure, it's one of the companies that helped mold the Internet to it's present shape and size. We could consider Yahoo! one of the founders of the Internet. But it's going down hill people. If someone doesn't buy it, it's going to disappear without leaving anything behind. And let's face it, Microsoft could use a little user sympathy. They need something that will take away from that cold corporate image, something to help them relate to clients. And besides, from what we've seen in recent acquisitions, being taken over is not such a bad thing for the users of the service. The products have only been improved after they were bought: YouTube, Ask, Blogger, Macromedia products and many others.

And if all else fails in trying to convince you that the world moves on, here's an older video from YouTube. This is to back up my initial statement: Google will buy Microsoft.

See that? Everything is going to turn out OK. No need to worry about it anymore.And please stop making all those predictions. Most of you don't even know what you're talking about.


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