I'm on a roll baby!

Yesterday, out of pure boredom, I started dropping cards. Entrecards that is. What else? I thought I might find something interesting to read, something to waste time with. And I did. But besides that, I decided to take a spin over at JoeTech.com since I saw his script on most of the blogs and web sites I've visited. Now, normally I'm not a lucky person. It rarely happens for me to win anything and when I do are just prizes that are not worth the trouble to claim. It happened on his website also: I've won 1 ec about a dozen times, but I decided it's not worth all the hustle to claim it. I mean I would have had to copy the winning code, send him a message, then he would have had to check the code and send me the prize. And all that for 1 ec.

But JoeTech.com has another spinning script. One that let's you win links on his site. So I tried that one out. And Guess what: I'VE WON! One small text link. As soon as I entered the link to this blog and hit the submit button, the script says I've won yet another link. This time a better one. I figured out that you can spin the handle until you lose because after I've entered the details for the second link, the script said "come back tomorrow" or something like that. So I was pretty happy I won two links.

Today I gave it another try. My links were not there anymore so I thought that they only have a one day validity term. At first I won 4 ec with the first script. This time I decided to cash out and, to my surprise, the credits were added pretty fast. It's not a fortune, but maybe one day I'll hit the jackpot. After that I've tried the ads script and I won one small link. After that another one. And another one. And yet another one. Until I had about eight text small links listed there. And then it hit me. The links don't even last one day. They disappear when other people win and the whole thing moves like a stack. I think. And you can play the script more then once a day. So I tried to take all the small slot ads and I almost made it. Except for one.

Oh well, at least I had something to do for a few minutes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links! The way it works is you can play all day long if you want. Even after you lose, just keep spinning. The Entrecard slots are only once per day (so I don't lose all my ec too quickly). The links (as you've found out) are instant, and until I can automate the Entrecard credits, I just check my messages and pay people manually several times per day. Have fun, keep spinning, and don't forget to add the widgets to your blog to increase your chances of winning.

Stelian Andrei said...

It must take a lot of work to pay all those credits. Considering on how many blogs I've seen the widget, there must be a lot of winners daily.

Thanks for stopping by to clear thing out. And who knows, maybe one day I'll win all the links and the jackpot. You'll be sick of seeing The Yoboo all over your site :)

Selene said...

Congratulations on winning. I'll have to check it out. I rarely win anything, but it'll be fun to try.

Anna said...

I always win 2 credits - doubled to 4 because I added JoeTech to my Entrecard favorites. I haven't tried for links yet.

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