The new and hopefully the final layout

As I said in a previous post, I plan to re-organize things, one of the things I wanted to change was the layout or design of the blog. Although it's a free blog hosted by Blogger, it doesn't have to look like all the others. I wanted it to stand out, if not by anything else, at least by the way it looks. So here it is. The new and improved Yoboo. How do you like it?

Please take into consideration that this is far from finished. I still haven't tweaked all the HTML elements and many of them are just looking the way they do just by chance. If you see anything that looks absolutely awkward, please let me now. I'm too tired to scan for errors. Also, if you use Internet Explorer and things look horrible, get used to it. I won't even bother to fix things to look pretty for IE. If you plan to use a crappy browser, get used to a crappy web experience. If you want to learn more things about my opinion regarding IE, take a look at one of my older posts: Browser stuff - compatibility.

I hope that this design will satisfy me so I won't have to change thing again. A good thing about this experience is that I learned a few more things about how a XML Blogger template is structured. I suppose the next time I'll try to create a template thing will be a lot easier but I'm not looking forward to do it any time soon. Some of the major changes to the theme is the fact that the main column is now fluid and the two sidebar columns are 200px in width, aligned to the right. I've removed the default pager that showed links for older and newer posts at the bottom and the "status" notification that appeared on top when you were only viewing the posts with a certain label. I have also removed a few of the default wrappers that were in the layout. I guess they're not required any more. If anyone thinks that there's something missing that a blog should have, please leave a comment. Another thing I did was remove a few of the Adsense ads. I just kept one big one on one side and one from Bidvertiser.

And that's about it I think. If I see anything that still needs to be changed it will be just a small fix. The rest I'll just do it as I go.


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