I plan to re-organize things

There's something I just don't like about this blog. It's too impersonal, I don't like the colors, the layout or something else. I just can't put my finger on it. So I'll try to change thing around until I'm happy with the outcome. Or until I get bored and leave it just the way it is, which ever comes first.

The things I decided to change first is the labels that I've given each post. It's a complete chaos and I thing I'd better take care of it now that later when there will be more (or too many) posts. I was thinking through this to try to focus my attention on certain areas of interest and just keep a category of ramblings just in care some things don't fit anywhere else. So the labels that I was thinking about are as follows:

  • Personal favorites - stuff like hobbies, things I've been up to, personal opinions, all the other boring things you wouldn't like to read about
  • Monetization - will include everything that's related to the infamous "make money on line" topic. What I tried and what I'll try next, what others have to say and anything that's related to this
  • Off the Web - all sort of things that I might have found interesting at some point and decided to write about them. There won't be necessarily new thing
  • Yoboo related - the things that this wonderful blog is going through and the changes in it's beautiful life
  • Random Ramblings - I think this is a pleonasm, but I'll keep it that way. As I said, this is where anything that doesn't fit anywhere else will go. Simple, no?

That's pretty much everything I summed up so far. If I see that there are things that need a label of there own, I'll add it later of course. Another thing I was planning to do was to change the layout of the blog (yet again). I'm not happy with it this way and I'll do something about it. I just don't know what or when. That XML code scares me pretty good, but I'll do it sooner or later.

As I said, I won't have rest until I'm happy with the way this blog will look and feel. OK now, back to work. Labels first and then I'll be able to organize things a little bit easier.


mikster said...

Best of luck on the overhaul. And welcome to entrecard. Hope you enjoy the place. ;)

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