Let's get back to business

That's just one way of saying that I decided to return to my monotonous life. I've been quite busy these last two weeks and I expect I'm not done yet.

I had a little spare time today at work and I read a few of the feeds that I'm subscribed to. One thing popped right up. It was from the Yahoo! News: Technology News feed and the headline was like this: "China shuts down pornographic Web sites". Damn! Of course they must have a good reason to do that. They claim that it has"perverted China's young minds". Well of course that's a bad thing, but my question is as follows: how did those children managed to enter the damn web site? I'm not willing to pay for something like that when I can get it for free from other websites. And those aren't Chinese from what I know. Somebody must have given them access to a credit card in order for them to purchase a membership. Parents maybe? Or were those web sites with free access? And I didn't know about it? Damn again!

Anyway, China is well known for it's censorship and strict rules regarding not only pornography, but also political and religious areas, freedom of speech and who knows what other things. But that's not any of my business. I'm just surprised how did such a political regime survive for so long. From what I can remember there were revolutions all across the world at the beginning of the 90's, all directed at the abolishment of more or less tyrannic regimes. And that was almost 20 years ago. Hmmm ...


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