A little more tinkering with the layout

After I realized that the way the template is not as complicated as I initially thought, I decided to do a few more modifications. I added two more compartments that spread for two columns. One above the current sidebars, and one below. I'll populate them as soon as I figure out with what. This is what I did in just a few minutes, so it's probably not going to work the way it's supposed to.

There are other things I did last night, but I was to tired to post anything. Here's the list so you can see I was a busy bee:

  • added the sphere.com widget. You can find it at the bottom of every post and it's very useful if you want to find related posts from other people's blogs or related articles to the post at hand. It's a very useful widget in my opinion, as it provides you with content relevant to a certain post, unlike a search engine, where you are more and more spammed with irrelevant search results
  • this is more like something I wanted to do, I actually did it, and then changed my mind. I wanted to see how much better it would be without the default Blogger Navbar so I removed it. But when I wanted to access my account to modify the layout, I realized that the Navbar was rather useful, so I placed it back. If anyone finds it absolutely useless or wants to remove it for whatever reason here's the code you need to place inside the CSS of your template: #navbar-iframe {display: none !important;}
  • I've also added a few more banners just trying to increase the color spots here and there, add a little life, you know? But that didn't work. I'll have to try different formats so there are not so intrusive, otherwise you won't click them :)

There are a lot of thing that are still unresolved but I have a lot of time to take care of them. There's no rush. Oh, speaking of rush. I've also signed up to Blog Rush , added the widget and now I'm waiting for approval. And that's pretty much all there is. The weekend is here and I'll be terribly busy yet again. Not with work but with having fun. So I'll come back around Monday, or maybe sooner if I have the time, who knows.


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