Finally got the keyboard fixed

I had a small problem the other day: I spilled a whole cup of coffee on my keyboard and I didn't have the time to make another one. So I left home without a coffee. That was awful. Oh yeah, the keyboard wasn't working anymore when I got back home. And the desk was all sticky.

It was something funny: when I hit a key, any key except <return> (I don't know how that one survived), I would hear a beeping sound coming from the system speaker. At first I didn't know what is going on but then I opened up Notepad and started to type something I realized that there must be a short-circuit somewhere. Every key would print out 3 to 5 symbols, <esc> acted like <f5>, <ctrl> like the Windows key and other stuff like that. It really threw me off track. And provided me with a good laugh. When I had enough I decided that I need to clean it. So I took it apart, removed the electric part, all the buttons, cleaned all the breadcrumbs, hair and dust collected over time then I put everything under the shower. The hardest part was to get them all dried up, so I can put everything back together. Of course I used a hairdryer. Now it's all nice and clean and it even works.

But after all was done, I realized that it would have been faster and not even expensive to buy a new keyboard. At least I had something to do. And something to write about.


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