I had to mess with it - from 2 to 3 columns

With what you ask? With the layout of this blog. Check it out. It now has 3 columns. Isn't it great? I was sure you would feel the same way. But I never want to do that again. It took me about 3 hours to make heads and tails of the standard XML template and I started messing with it, without to much knowledge of it's inner workings. That was a big mistake. I was lucky I previously saved a back-up of the existing layout. That sort of got me out of banging my head against the walls. Some of the widgets could not be saved in the layout though, so I had to reintroduce them. I tried a few 3-col templates that I've found on the Internet but none of them really felt right. Plus I kinda like this color scheme. And modifying on of those it would have taken me as much time as it would have if I were to start a new template from scratch. So taking a better look at the code of the template, I've realized that all I had to do was to increase the width of the outer wrapper, which is a div. I increased it so it would fit one more column (about 200px, depending on the layout). After that I had to introduce the following code right after the current sidebar:
<div id="sidebar-wrapper1"> <b:section class="sidebar" id="sidebar2" preferred="yes"> </b:section> </div>
That just inserts a new sidebar. It messes up the way things look like in the standard template editor of Blogger, but I don't really mind. I just wanted more space and I think it looks a lot better this way. The problem is you still have to scroll down a lot and that personally annoys me. It reminds me of those pages where you're offered the secret to wealth and fortune totally free. And you start reading and reading and reading and you're like "Wow! This stuff is awesome!" And by the time you reach the end of the page you're hooked. Then you see the line "Just fill in your e-mail address now (... so I can spam you to death of course)!" and you realize you've just wasted 20-30 minutes of your life. But that's another story.


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