A new week

So the weekend is over and a new week has started. Back to work.

It's been an hour now since I should have started to do something, anything. Like at least pretend to work. But I have absolutely no motivation. I'm so tired and I want to go back to bed. Or do anything else, it doesn't matter.

I tried to read a few feeds, find out what else has happened in the world while I was relaxing, enjoying the weekend. But that didn't work. My eyes were shutting and my head was tilting left and right. I'm constantly yawning and stretching my muscles like I just got up. And the worst thing is it's only Monday. And even worse, I still have 7 more hours until I go home. Sad.

I think I'll download a game or something. Or play one on line. Anything to get my mind of the fact that I might be doing this for the rest of my life.


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