About God and religion

Now that's a delicate subject. I always believed that anyone has the right to express themselves in any form they chose. Well not exactly always. As a child I considered that my point of view was the right one and no one else could change my mind. In time, as I grew up, things took a different turn. But anyway, I was trying to talk about God and what are my opinions about this.

As a child you are told that there is a greater being that takes care of all people, and that it watches over them so that nothing bad happens. When you grow up and realize that things aren't always that good, you are told that it God planned for this and that to happen and that you shouldn't try to understand, because God has a plan for everyone. Many of you probably heard that a few times over the course of your lives. It's seems just a little too stupid to me. Probably because I don't believe in God. Some of you might ask "Why not? Can't you see all the wonderful things that he has created?" Well I can't. I have absolutely no proof that God created anything and no proof that it really exists other than some ancient writings that surely suffered more that a few modifications across time, considering the fact that they were first passed on verbally. And also considering the fact that those stories were told by simple men, without a scholar education. And also, those were times in which very few were interested in scientific discoveries and anything that didn't have an explanation was immediately categorized as a miracle. But those are just a few reasons.

But I will try to talk about this matter some other time. Now I'm feeling a little bit tired. It's been a long day. Let me put my thoughts in a certain order and I'll come back with a more detailed description of my opinion about religion. But let me be clear that I don't speak just of Christianity and the Christian god and I don't try to change anyone's beliefs. I will try as much as possible to refer to religion in general, but I will discuss aspects from a Christian point of view because I am more familiar with it as I was baptized as a catholic.

OK, I feel like I'm falling asleep and I can barely tie two words together. I'll come back on this later.


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