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I figured I should say a few more things about my beliefs on religious matters. I say religion as in the "faith in God and other deities". There are of course other uses for the word, but I won't be going into those.

Let's take it all from the beginning, the way The Bible describes how everything happened. God created light, the sky, earth and water, plants and animals and eventually the human. And he set human as master over all living live. Now isn't that a little bit narcissistic? Of course it suits us humans, but that created the idea that human has the "God given right" to do whatever he wants. And why not? We wrote the book. The Bible I mean. We know it was written by humans. It didn't fell from the sky. So if humans wrote the book it's only natural that they written it the way they liked it and the way things were back then. It's not like they were going to say that humans were created to live in harmony with the other creatures of the earth. That way religion would have never been accepted by such a large number of people.

But why is it Christianity so popular? I guess it's a matter of comfort. Before it appeared there were many gods. Each with a specific duty. There were many days of worship, many offerings to be made and many gods that would be mad and vengeful if you forgot about them. That wasn't too nice. Then a religion appeared that said that there is only one God, that he is kind and merciful. That he takes care of all his followers and grants them eternal life in Heaven. That sounded great in my opinion. Why should I give praise to so many gods that will punish me if I don't when I can follow just one god that will take care of me? And when things went bad, it was God's way, God's greater plan for all humans. Stupid. I still can't figure out how thing could get so elaborate as time passes. I think all religions start out from humans inability to explain certain things at a given point in time, so they attribute it to a higher, supernatural being. Also, when bad things happen, the question "why is this happening to me?" finds its answer in God's plan for everything. I find it hilarious that people turn to religion most often when they are at a low point in their lives. And after that claim that God saved them and showed them the way. The way to where?

Anyway, back to The Bible. It says that at first there was just Adam and then Eve was created from his rib. I don't know why from his rib but never mind. You could say that Adam was the only man that gave birth :) Then they upset God by doing something bad: they ate an apple. Oh no! And also became aware that they were naked. And gained knowledge. After that they were banished from the Garden of Eden and became the humans we are today. OK. They first had two sons, Cain and Abel, the first of which killed the second. So far so good. Now human has discovered murder. A real breakthrough. But what happens next? A few years after I mean. How did humans get to populate the planet? There was just one woman. Let's assume that she latter had daughters. Did brothers mate with their sisters? Or did Cain had sex with Eve? Or did they just have a great orgy and no one knows who had who. That's not very ethic is it? Or they didn't thought about it back then: there was no one to judge them :)

That's just one of the many large mysteries of The Bible. I will try to remember others and I will talk about them some other time.


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