Divert Your Course

Divert your courseProbably anyone that uses an Instant Messaging service, like Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger, knows about the fact that people share stuff like funny images or text, nice websites and anything else. You happen to come across something you like and you want to tell people about it so you just mass message everyone in your list. But I'm sure I don't have to explain to you how that works.

Today I received one such link, and here it is: Divert Your Course - moonbuggy. It's from a website called moonbuggy.org (don't ask me why, I haven't gotten that far). The most I can tell you about them is you can find all sort of funny or weird stories there. Stuff like these make your day just a little bit better. Besides the fact that this amused me, it is something that happens everyday. I don't mean ship captains asking buildings to move :). I'm talking about people getting too much power and abusing it. I'm not also referring to a specific nation, because people like that are found all over the world.

I guess it's just something with the mind of weak individuals. I'm not sure, I'm not a psychologist (boy oh boy, thats a tough word to spell). In any case, such situations have been depicted even in cartoons and movies. You could call it a template. All situations have a certain pattern they follow and it goes something like:

  • man has no power/respect and is undermined my colleagues/family
  • by a twist of faith man gets power (promotion, wins the lottery, receives an inheritance)
  • man immediately starts to use the power he gained (authority or money) to prove to the world that he is worthy of respect
  • soon man starts to abuse his power
  • in the end two things can happen:
    • man realizes the error of his ways, changes himself and helps people, then a stupid unrealistic ending where everyone stands around the fire, eats marshmallows and they laugh and smile at each other like idiots
    • man makes himself look like an idiot in front of the everyone

Of course, we can see in which category this particular case fits in. But no one can help it. If it weren't for such people, we wouldn't have funny things to read every once in a while.

By the way, today was not the way I expected to be either. It was yet another relaxing day. I'm starting to get used to this kind of "work". But I still think it's the silence before the storm.


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