A nice Monday for a change

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You all know what day is today. It's Monday. And like any other Monday, I expected this one to be yet another boring and exhausting one. But, fortunately, I was wrong. It proved to be a pretty interesting day. And because The Yoboo is now a personal blog where I have the opportunity to bore everyone with my tales.

So I got to work like any other workday. It took a while to get comfortable, to fully wake up, and other things I do so I don't have to start working just yet. But all those things were in vain for, you see, there was no work to be done!!! That was the first thing that made me thing that probably today was going to be a nice day after all. As the time passed and I surfed from one website to another, the boss left who knows where. So questions like "have you finished that?" or "can you improve that?", minimal chores just so I don't sit around doing nothing, were out of the equation. You could almost say I had a day off, but I had to spend it in the office. It's not that bad as long as I have a computer with an Internet connection.

After that I played a few small flash games, browsed a few more pages, checked on my favorite "to be released" game, "Starcraft 2". With this occasion I found out (I'm probably the last one) that Blizzard Entertainment will release "someday" a new game, "Diablo III". Upon finding out something like that, I almost fell off my chair, Diablo being my all time favorite RPG (maybe the first one I've ever played, from what I recall). The game is currently in development and a release date has not been set yet. You can check out their website at www.blizzard.com/diablo3/ for more information and updates. Looks like Blizzard finally realized that there is a lot more to gaming that World of Warcraft, even if that has a huge base of fans. Ignoring the rest would be a mistake.

Drawing the line to make the total of the day, this Monday was something special. I could really use more days like this one. But I'm pretty sure that what I expected to happen today, will happen tomorrow, and probably even more. I need a vacation soon.


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