Die2Nite - a cool zombie game with a twist

I've been playing quite a few games lately since I don't have a lot of activity. And I'm also waiting for the Christmas holidays and I have very little productivity.

So I've been playing DinoRPG for quite a while now, I guess about a year or so, on and off. This week a new announcement came up from the developers saying that they've launched a new game: a zombie game. I guess they planned to launch it before Halloween, but didn't make it. The game is made by MotionTwin, the guys that also have great and popular web games like MyBrute (La Brute in French), Dinoparc and AlphaBounce.

Play Die2Nite zombie game by MotionTwin

The game is called Die2Nite (pretty cool considering it's zombie game) and here's how it works. You are a simple citizen stuck in a town with a lot of other Die2Nite citizens and each night a large number of zombies will attack your town. You need to gather the required materials to upgrade your town and survive the night.

The thing is there are a lot of items that you can find walking around the Die2Nite map and many of these can be used in different ways by either combining them with something else or transforming them in something else, more useful. The number of items is impressive and so is the number of combination that can be achieved. The Wiki's really come in handy here (Die2NiteWiki.com and on Wikia).

Each day you get 6AP (Action Points) to use for your daily activities like exploring, building at the Construction Site or carrying out the dead bodies of your dead comrades (citizens that died in town because of the previous zombie attack).

Of course other things can be done with your AP, but once they're consumed you can have a refill by drinking water from the town's well, eating something, taking drugs or drinking some alcohol (the last two have some funny side effects).

Die2Nite.com zombie gameThe twist in the game is that the whole town needs to work together to survive the night. If people don't communicate and collaborate the town will be overrun and everyone will be dead.

Death is something relative in Die2Nite, because once you die you can start all over again in a new town with new citizens. And the fun starts all over again. You gain points to your soul (the only thing you can't lose) from these experiences in various towns. I guess there's a ranking someone, but I couldn't find it.

If you want to give Die2Nite a try, go right ahead. And let me know if you like it or not. It looks really fun so far and I see it as a game I'll keep playing for a while.


Anonymous said...

www.zombiepandemic.com and www.urbandead.com are other zombie browser games.

http://essayswriters.org/paper-writing/ said...

Alright thank you i bought a game and still have about 30 dollars left.. Good luck in your up coming towns!

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