Social Share 1.5 - the new and improved social sharing Blogger widget

A new version of this widget has been released. You can find it here: Social Share 2.0

Having a little spare time and not being particularly happy with the first version of my "Social Share!" widget, I thought I can make a better one. And I believe I did. Introducing "Social Share 1.5" Blogger widget. It's not a great improvement when it comes to how it looks, but rather how it is generated.

The new generator uses jQuery to dynamically update the widget code and allows for a greater customization of the widget. You now have the possibility of choosing which links should appear in the widget. The order of the links can also be changed by drag & drop. You can also select from a range of color schemes for the icons.

From a design point of view, it's not at all brilliant. But the fact that the code can be changed easily allows a more flexible evolution of the widget, in the sens that future changes can be implemented with much more ease. So without any further ado, I invite you to use the generator bellow to generate your very own Social Share! 1.5 Blogger widget.

Appearence Below you can select the size of the widget and the icon set it will use. If you leave the sizes empty or auto, the widget will fill the entyre width of the container unless other CSS rules are applied to it by your template. px Auto

px Auto

Select items Select below the items you want to appear in your widget. Make sure you select at least one. An empty widget serves no purpose. You can also drag them to specify the order you would like them to have.

If you have already installed the previous version, make sure you remove it if you plan to use this one. I doesn't matter if you remove it before or after you install this version.

Please stay tuned for future releases. If you like this widget, all comments are welcomed and tune in soon for a new version. I plan to make the next one (maybe named "Social Share 1.6" as an external script. Hopefully it will allow dinamic updrade of the widget in the sense that you will not need to reinstall it manually. So make sure you come back soon.

PS: if you notice a long time has passed and no new version has been released, drop me a comment. I might have forgotten.


jrsowash said...

Are you aware of an issue with IE in which the individual icons are stacked rather than being side by side? Everything works great in chrome, firefox, and safari. IE (I have v.8 installed) is the only one that seems to be a problem.

Stelian Andrei said...

I wasn't aware of that, but I'm not really surprised. I think it's caused by the lack of support for "inline-block" in IE. Try the 2.0 version instead. That might work better

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