Human stupidity in one of it's many moments

This is one of those things that get me stunned every time I read them. And on top of that they get me terribly amused occasionally. This one in particular got me thinking, mostly because I loved that movie when I was a child: "are there people around really that stupid?". Here's how it happened.

I have one of those widgets on my iGoogle homepage that gives you all sort of weird fact. This one is called "Gullible Info" and it's from It's an entire collection of weird "did you know?" facts sentences there. I say sentences because I'm not sure all of them are true. But this one really amused me. It went something like this:

Disney's "The Never Ending Story" sparked 28 lawsuits from customers who were furious that the movie had an end.

How much fun that is? I imagine the defense attorney trying to explain to the judge something that everyone else in the courthouse (including the judge) understood: it's just a title, it refers to the action and story of the movie, it wasn't meant to be "never ending". That must have been one hilarious trial.

I don't know how the attorney/s pleaded his/her/their case, but if I would have been there I would have probably blamed it all on Michael Ende, the author of the novel :)

There are not many things that amuse me in this world, but human stupidity never fails me!


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