Another day, another post

Today is a day not different from all the other ones. I get up, I go to work, I waste my time and I go home. Talk about monotony. Or so I thought. Today is one of those days in which I have the chance to do something different. Like what, you ask? But please, let me tell you.

I met some guy that needs a certain job done, but doesn't have the required technical know-how. Neither do I, but that didn't stop me to give it a try. You see, he has purchased several ASUS WL-500g Premium wireless routers. And what he wants to do is this: he plans to spread them all over his office building creating something like a hot-spot that he can have access at any time. And he doesn't need just that. He wants the standard firmware that they have installed on them replaced with a modified one. For this we might choose either Oleg's firmware or FreeWRT or OpenWRT. We'll see. The advantage with these is that you can practically create a miniature Linux server that can incorporate a Samba server, a small web server, a FTP server, it can act as a firewall and many others. The possibilities are limited only by the small amount of flash memory that these routers posses (although 8MB is fairly enough for these minimalistic distributions). The cool part about them is that you can attach an USB hard-drive and thus the storage space increases greatly, or you can install the operating system directly on an USB memory stick. I can't wait to see what we can do with these. The fact that you can have a fully functioning Linux server that can sit on your desk, it doesn't have a fan or a hard-drive to make the noise a non-stopping server would, small and with a possibility for wireless connection, is absolutely great.

After work I'll be on my way to see what we can do with them. If anyone has any good suggestions or knows of a great walk-through relating these devices, please drop a link. I've already found all sorts of information relating to them on and other great discussion boards.


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