Imagine that - Agloco finally sinks

Yes people, Agloco has finally reached the end of it's life. It seems that all those that considered it a bad deal from the beginning were right. Everything was looking so great: getting huge income just for installing and running a viewbar. It's times like this that make me feel happy I didn't spend too much of my energy on a certain program.

For those of you that still don't know about the great Agloco (where have you been in the last 1.5 years?) here's what it "was" about. You would install and run a small application that would display ads as you surf the Internet. In turn you accumulate hours with a maximum cap of 5 hours per month. To increase these you have to refer others to the program, of course. This way you would win a percentage of their hours. At a certain point, which was never made public, those hours were to be turned into currency. Having a large network would guarantee you a large income for very little effort. The money should have come from the ads that were displayed in the viewbar and from the affiliate revenue on the product one would buy through the viewbar. And everybody's happy. What a perfect world!

Things didn't go the way they planned and after a while the whole thing hit the bottom. And I don't think anyone got even a cent off Agloco. Now that's a big scam, seeing that the network, and the mailing list now has over 1 million members. Imagine the offers the owners of the program are receiving right about now. And boy, the users will sure and up with a lot of "fresh" SPAM (me including). Luckily I provided them with a disposable email :)

I guess all good things must come to an end eventually. I'm just sad that Agloco was not one of the good things. With this (and other thoughts) in mind, I'm wondering how much time it will take for people to remove all their affiliate links from all over the net. And after I've seen all sorts of encouragements to join Agloco, I'm thinking now I'll be seeing a lot of angry people cursing and swearing. Oh well, that's life!


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