That was a stupid idea

I opened up this blog today and I noticed something that really bothered me. All that talk about God and religion apparently had a side effect that I didn't anticipate. It seems that now, all the Google AdSense ads on the main page have been "spammed" with religious content. I really freaked out. It's like I try to promote religion in any way I can.

On the other hand, the interesting thing is that I can see just how many types of religions, or should I say churches, there are out there. Without counting those already known by the vast majority of people, I found a few others (actually there were a lot more) that I've never heard about. Nor do I want to hear about them anymore. It's not like I have certain feelings towards those that are a part of them, it just isn't my thing. I find it a useless concept to pray to someone so your life would be better or things like that, instead of actually doing something to improve your life. But it's a big world and we live in a society that claims to respect other people's opinions and beliefs.

As to my problem, I guess I'll just have to limit the words that symbolize the things that I don't want to promote so that AdSense would put less of them. Or hopefully none. I'll have to look a little more into how this advertising method chooses it's content. But I already know it won't be that easy. It's probably "classified information"!


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