Sidewalk drawings

Do you remember when you were kids we used to draw on the sidewalk, using colored chalk? Those were great times. I remember there were drawing contests and kids were drawing all sorts of flowers, people and houses. We would finish a box of chalk faster than a bag of candy. It seems that drawing on the concrete is a lot funnier that drawing on paper. But that was a long time ago.

Still there are people that don't seem to have gotten over it. And even more, they took it to the next level. Julian Beever is one of those people. He managed to turn "pavement drawings" into a real form of art, creating stunning graphics. Using a special drawing method, he creates the illusion of 3D.


The downside is that you have to look at them from a particular angle, otherwise you notice the distortion that is needed to create the effect.

Pool - Wrong viewGlobe - Wrong view

For these and other great graphics created by Julian Beever, you can visit his website.


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